Friday, October 14, 2011

Motorcycle Carburetor Setting ..

 (4UCX3RMBEKCJ )Motorcycle Carburetor Setting ..

Carburetors can be interpreted a heart for our motorcycle gan. Because, without this fuel supply device, the engine will not function. For this reason there is need for special attention to this part. The existence of obstacles that impede the flow of fuel to the carburetor, can bring trouble on your favorite ride.

Care settings as well as the carburetor can be done alone. However, because of the important parts in the carburetor is, if agan still less convinced to try it for yourself, better leave it to the experts.

The initial steps must be performed before setting the carburetor is to look at the specs of the motor type. Because each type, there are specifications on the innards karbunya definitely different. For example, Satria F150 has a size of 112.5 mm Main Jet, Pilot Jet 12.5 mm and 1 ¾ to round of the Pilot Air Screw it.

We can also see the condition of the motor. Are there changes or additions to the supporting parts, such as racing exhaust or the other. Because of this change could affect the setting on the carburetor. If you found this (part of existing supporters), the specification on the carburetor must have a change. Offal on the carburetor should be shifted 2.5?? Fifth step of the standard spec.

If all conditions of the carburetor has been checked, it was our turn to set it. Turn on the engine, keep the gas at 1500 RPM? 1600. Then, turn the air settings (pilot screw water) in accordance with the standards set. With reference to existing standards, we will get the perfect settings.

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